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Things that an Academic Writer should do to minimize revisions

As an academic writer, we should be able to follow the client’s directions.  Aside from this simple rule, below are some guidelines that can help you minimize requests for revisions.

Observe Proper Citation Style 

As writers, we are expected to be familiar with the different citation styles which are the MLA, APA and Chicago.

For MLA citation, its (author page number) for in-text citations. For the Works Cited page, please follow this link

For APA, its (author, year, page number) for in-text citations.  For the Reference page, please follow these links, and

For Chicago, please follow this link for the bibliography

Please note that failure to comply with the correct citation styles can be a basis for request for revision

Check the Number of Sources

When clients ask for 1 source please do not use 5 or 6 sources.  Some clients have asked for revision because the writer used too many sources. In the same manner, when clients ask for 10 sources, please do not just use 3 sources.

However, there are some clients who do not understand number of sources. Some clients mistakenly place 3 sources but in fact they want 3 citations from one 1 source.  It is better to send question to the admin so the latter may clarify with the client.

Follow Standard format

Our standard format for all papers is Times New Roman, Font Size 12, Double Spaces, 1 inch Margin.

Some clients may send prompts which say otherwise. For example, come clients may place an order for 2 pages but in single spaced.  When you encounter these things, please let the admin know.

Get credible and reputable sources

Wikipedia and blogs are not reputable sources.  We prefer books and journal articles with the names of authors.

Some of the websites where we can get quality sources are and  If you have the complete name of the book, try searching for it at

If you can’t find reputable sources, please let the admin know so we can ask the client to send the sources we need.

Never Assume

In love and in academic writing, we never assume.

Most of our clients are ESL students who can’t express themselves very well.

If you find that any of the instructions are vague, please email the admin your clarificatory questions