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We are an online company that offers writing jobs to stay-at-home moms, graduate students taking their MBA or PhD and graduate students studying overseas and those in the private and public sectors.

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Are you a skilled writer who graduated with a degree in philosophy, psychology, sociology, literature, and other general education subjects? Then you are hired.

The 21st Century is an era where talented individuals can take advantage of their skills and monetize them.  In different parts of the world, college and university students are looking for professionals who can help them write their essays and research papers. Entrepreneurs are looking for online writers in the Philippines who can help with their content for branding and marketing purposes.  If you are a Filipino writer who has superior writing skills, you could be the individual they are looking for.

This is the gig economy. Individuals with skills and talents can find steady gigs, better work life balance and potentially bigger income compared to full time employees. Take advantage of the opportunity.  Join our team now.

Why Freelance Writers Choose Us

Home-Based Job

Work at the comforts of your own home. Simply login from our secured website, accept project orders, and get paid.

Competitive Pay

Receive competitive rates for your work. We offer higher pay for senior writers and those who are able to deliver quality work

On Time Payments

Receive your payments on time through online transfer to your bank account or Paypal Account.

Strong Writer Support

Improve your skill as a writer and freelancer through writer support. Academic Writers PH helps writers become full-time freelancers

Constant Flow of Orders

Skilled and reliable writers can be assured of steady flow of writing tasks even during the lean season.

Output Driven

Academic Writers Ph values autonomy and independence. As long as you deliver quality papers within the deadline you can enjoy unsupervised work

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What Our Writers Say

This company has always been the best at treating their writers. I have been with them for years already and plan to stay with them as long as I can. Ever since day one they have been fair to me as a writer. I can’t imagine working for any other company.

Rob E.

Freelance Writer/Former Tech Company Manager

The company helps young professionals like us generate extra income with the limited salaries at work. The company understands its writers, fully committed to provide not just to demand. Now, we can really save for our future – it’s a bliss!


Freelance Writer/Engineer