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Filipino Students Overseas Prefer Freelance Writing Jobs

Meet Christine Y who is an online writer based in the Japan.

She has been writing for Academic Writers Philippines for more than 3 years.  Currently, she is based in Hokkaido, Japan where she is taking her Masteral Studies.

In our interview, Christine says that she decided to pursue graduate studies overseas primarily as her way of getting out of the country. For practical reasons, she believes that international universities offer higher quality of education.  She considers that studying overseas will improve her chance for a much better future.

Christine decided to apply as an online academic writer to help her family in the Philippines.  She states that the money she earns from writing is transferred to a Philippine bank account which her family in the Philippines uses for their needs.

She reveals that foreign students like her has few options for work opportunities.  Most of the available work are limited to graphic designing or working as a store clerk.  After she tried working in traditional offices, she decided to quit because its taking so much time away from her studies.  Working as an online academic writer is her best option as it allows her to continue focusing on her studies.

Christine enjoys the autonomy and freedom of working online.  She does not have to work more than 8 hours a day.  Since she only takes orders on topics she is already very familiar with, she can finish them in less than 3 to 4 hours.  This allows her to complete 2 to 3 projects a day.  More importantly, she is free to accept or decline projects.  In busy days, she only accepts 3 to 4 projects a week.  However, when she has the time, she can more projects.

For Filipinos students studying overseas, freelancing as an academic writer has become the norm.  Freelancers enjoy the autonomy and freedom not found in traditional jobs.  Freelancers can pick the orders they want to work on.  If they are experts in one subject like Psychology or Mathematics they can maximize their earning capacity by concentrating on these subjects.