3 Useful Techniques to Maximize Earnings Potential during Peak Season

Seasonal work opportunities are one of the realities that freelance writers have to deal with. Depending on the specific field or industry, workload can vary and influence one’s earning potential. There will be times that a writer can experience an abundance of work while there are certain periods where there are no tasks readily available. In times of plenty, it is essential that writers have a specific approach that can help maximize potential earnings. Here are some techniques to consider:

Determine your daily rate and expected income

Freelance writers can take advantage of the peak season if they are familiar with their daily rates and create specific targets. There are different approaches in determining one’s worth. It can be the number of pages completed, number of projects submitted, or amount per project. But for this discussion, I will specifically explore monetary compensation. In this case, the writer should have a good idea of how much work he/she needs to put into to earn a specific income on either bi-monthly or monthly basis.

For example, if you are targeting PHP 20,000 or roughly $450 and you plan to work for 20 days, then you must work to achieve PHP 1,000 per day to meet your target. If you seek to lower your daily deliverables, then you can opt to extend the number of days writing. It is also important to emphasize that creating daily, weekly, and monthly targets should also cover costs. Be sure to break down these expenditures so you can find out how to properly set your daily rate.

Properly Schedule Work

Another technique to maximize earnings is to properly schedule work. This means that one should try to finish deliverables as early as possible to provide opportunity to work on succeeding projects. A good strategy to consider is to create a timeline where a specific project is allocated time for research, drafts, and actual writing. Learning to practice in this manner can help one foresee potential challenges and develop a specific level of control. It is advisable that once a writer gets a project, he/she should work on it when time permits. Submitting deliverables earlier than the deadline increases opportunities for new projects and potential to earn more.

Develop Consistency and Endurance

The last techniques involve developing consistency and endurance. Consistency is significant because it allows the writer to develop the commitment to achieve the established goal. Practicing approach on a daily basis helps create momentum and bring positive outcomes to one’s earning potential.  Endurance, on the other hand, focuses on keeping your body healthy to combat the challenges and stress during peak season. That is why it is advisable that even if people are busy during this period, the must find time to engage in physical activities. Exercising can help create the stamina and resistance to withstand stress and pressure of writing work.

Overall, the suggestions above can be advantageous for experienced and aspiring writers. Having control on your goals and targets and how you do work can create increased potential for earnings. Incorporating these strategies increases productivity and helps better manage your freelance writing career.