Academic Writers Philippines soon to open an Upgraded Freelancing Platform

July 20, 2017 soon to open an Upgraded Freelancing Platform

Metro Manila, July 12, 2017 – an academic essay writer’s website, will soon open an upgraded Freelancing platform that will effectively allow freelancers to find jobs that interest them and offer potential employers of workers that suit their needs. This upcoming platform is an upgrade to the existing website which currently serves as a platform for freelance writers and consumers of content writing.

According to Stephen, there will be upcoming features of “By October, we will be launching a dashboard for the writers, for now, it’s being developed.” said Stephen, the company’s representative. He further detailed the following dashboard features:

Custom login and Log out

Real time chat platform for workers and employers

Update page for job done

Project list page where writers can choose any projects they are interested

He further stressed the unique features of is its emphasis on giving writers the best opportunity, support, respectful treatment and assistance to avoid repeated revisions.  Stephen also stressed that the upgrade will efficiently help writers find the online job, enhance their potential, earn while at home, garner writer group support and establish a seamless communication between clients and writers.

Currently, the company has a website that features subpages such as home, about, FAQ, blog and news release. Their site also includes a chat support for writers and inquiries. Visitors can also easily register their email and join an online support of writers. Their blog constitutes helpful articles about writing and freelancing tips.

About the company is the website of a team of essay writers that aims to provide opportunities for freelancers and give content writing to businesses and individual clients. The company has been hiring writers since 2006 and has been continuously providing academic writing services for students in Canada, USA, Australia and the UK. It started its website on 2014 and formed its team of full time and part time Filipino writers who came from different academic backgrounds.