Academic Writing Job: The Perks and Quirks

The internet has provided an astounding sea of opportunities especially for service providers such as the freelancers. As more and more people are turning to the internet for almost everything not just products but more importantly services, the demand to cater to these is ultimately increasing; hence, the advent of all sorts of online jobs imaginable. One of which is Academic Writing. This type of job finding its place in the world of online freelancing has its own fair share of quirks. This is not just your ordinary kind of job. Here’s why.

No Employer

“You’re the boss!” This sounds enticing enough to hear for most people who are so hacked off having big bosses run the world or simply remind them that coffee break is over. As an academic writer, you are your own boss. Ideally, this means freedom but in reality this means serious business. Academic writing is a business wherein you must take full responsibility of the work you take in and the service you render, because you’re right, “you are the boss”. This is easier to understand with an entrepreneurial spirit, knowing that your business will only prosper if you are determined, motivated, and goal-oriented. That requires self-discipline because no one else is in charge of that. However, the good thing is you can be the boss you always dream to have. It’s not bad to be extra nice to yourself; it’s up to you whatever keeps you motivated for success.

No Fixed Pay

You have no employer so no one promised you a fixed amount of salary. Academic writing is output-based and is dependent on the volume of orders from clients whether it is peak or lean season. You earn as little or as much as you’re willing to work on from the number of projects available. All of us have different money-making perspectives, as freelancers have each of their own based on the industry they belong. One may look at it as a decent part-time job or merely a job that pays just by doing what we love to do and that’s not too bad at all. However, one may also look at it as a “limitless” opportunity.

No Office

The possibilities are limitless. As long as the academic writer gets the job done, it doesn’t matter where. Work may be done in a café, in the living room, although most writers prefer to write in their own tranquil corner. The tricky question to answer though is “Where do you work?” There is no office place to mention or any particular place. Quite substantially, an academic writer works inside his head.

Academic writing is a business and a profession of highly educated people in various areas of expertise. It is generally an odd job and not your regular kind of job. Strangely enough, it is the kind of job that the more work, brain and skills you put into it, the more of the same things you increasingly get rewarded of.