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Bad Tips in Statement of Purpose Essay Writing

In over 10 years, we have coached a number of students on how to write their statement of purpose essay or personal statement essay.  Over the years, these students came back to us thanking us for the advice that we have given them.  Some of the things they said to us is that our advice is so practical and simple that we have made writing personal statement essay or statement of purpose essay very easy.  They added they have read a number of tips and advises but all of them did not help.

We have checked a number of websites giving tips and advice on how to write statement of purpose essay or college application.  We have found that the information provide may not necessarily be helpful for students who are struggling with their own essays.

Below are some of the tips that we have gathered from various websites trying to help students with their statement of purpose essay which we believe are not helpful at all:

  1. To write clearly
  2.  To avoid grammatical and typographical error
  3.  To be yourself
  4.  To read other students’ college admission essay

Unfortunately, the information provided by these websites will not be enough for every student to write a good college application essay about themselves.  How do you write clearly? How to be yourself in writing a college application essay? These are actually vague concepts and terms which do not help the student at all.  It is no wonder that many students are still having difficult time writing their own statement of purpose essay or personal statement essay.

Students should also accept the reality that reading sample personal statement essay or statement of purpose essay will not make a student a better writer.  In the same manner, reading tips about college application essay will not guarantee that the student will be accepted in a college of his own choice.