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Basic Questions to Consider Before Writing Personal Statement Essay

Most applicants find difficulties in creating a personal statement essay.  They worry even before they start writing it.  Before proceeding with the personal statement essay, you might want to consider the following questions to better gather your thoughts with:

What are your objectives in life? It is vital that you should have a career goal path.  It will determine what route you will take that will eventually lead you to the fulfillment of those objectives.  Make the admissions officer feel that you are a person of ambition, ever ready to make the initial step in preparing for those dreams to be fulfilled.

What personal experiences do you have to help the admitting committee consider your application?  Try to remember any experiences, either good or bad, that have somehow shaped your persona in a positive manner.  You might also want to cite those people (whether family, friends or even highly-acclaimed personalities) that have influenced you in those times.  If it is a work-related experience, it will be a plus point to include them in the letter.  Just make sure that the effect is somewhat related to the application.

What strong qualities do you have that qualifies you for the position or the slot? Since many universities or colleges admit students on a limited basis, it is important to make yourself stand out among the rest.  Your letter must point out your very best asset/s.  Make the admissions officer feel that it will be their loss if they fail to fill you for the position.  To do this, you will need to support your claim by providing them with facts.

 If admitted, what do you think can you contribute to the institution?  Many applicants failed to contain this on their personal statement essay.  Little do they know that, at some point, a gesture of gratitude is given special consideration.  Although the essay should be all about you, take that extra mile to at least include your future plans for the institution as well since you will be part of it.  Always remember to patch loopholes, that way you will have higher chances of getting hired.

Consider these questions before writing your personal statement essays.  With these guide questions, you are sure to deliver high quality and professional personal statement essays.