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Academic Writers Philippines offers a variety of projects designed for full time and part-time professionals. If you are taking your Master’s Degree full time, then this might be your chance to earn a little bit on the side during your free time. If you are full time housewife, then writing might just help make ends meet. If you are working full time, writing academic papers is an excellent raket to boost your earnings.

Many say that this is an unethical line of work.  There are those who say that helping students cheat is not an ideal way to earn a living.  However, this is a reality that will exist even if we refuse to participate in. Moreover, we advise the clients to simply use our paper as a guide for them to write their own papers.   So, if you have the writing skill, its better not to waste it and take advantage of it.

Are you still undecided whether to pursue freelance academic writing?  There are several things you need to know about this work which you may need to know before you make the final decision.


Freelance academic can be the best thing to over happen to you.  Why?

We have as part of our team full time housewives, full time employees in the government and private sector.  We also have students who are pursuing law, Master’s and Graduate degrees.  Some of them have been with us for over 5 years. Their reason is that working at home allows them to focus their time on their families and studies.

They shifted to freelancing because they get to enjoy full autonomy in the sense that an individual may work at his own pace.  You have full discretion how you accomplish your work in the sense that you are not under the supervision of a supervisor or manager.  Our role in this relationship is just to understand your skills, find individuals who are looking for your specific skill set and help you get paid for your effort.

They don’t have to complain about the traffic in EDSA.  They don’t have to deal with a chismosang co-worker.  They don’t have to face tons of pressure which is usually present in a corporate setting.

Income depends as well on the extent of effort they decide to devote.  if you are willing to work beyond 12 hours a day, you stand to earn around 20,000 to 40,000 during the peak season.

More importantly, you have a strong support team (the admin) who are all willing to help you provide the best service to the clients and earn as much as you can.


Academic Essay Writing is not a walk in the park

Writing academic papers is not easy, though There are difficult clients who may ask for minor or major revision of your work.  There are clients who will complain about the quality of your work.  However, if you do your job well, read the client’s instructions carefully, and properly cite your academic papers, these risks can be managed.

We also have lean seasons during summer (US time) where the majority of the students take the time off from school and focus on work or other aspects of their lives.  During these times, you stand to earn less than your usual monthly earnings.

Nevertheless, engaging in freelance academic writing can be liberating.  You decide when and where you want to work.  You may decide to accept 6 or 7 projects one week then work on only one project the following week.  It is all up to you.

What are you waiting for? Sign up now.  Choose freelancing and take control of your life.

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