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Why Did I Get a Request for Revision?

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Not all projects end up in revision.  In our experience, only about 20% of the projects end up in requests for revision.

It is important to stress, however, that when you are writing essays and research papers for other students’ use, there is always a probability that they will ask for revision.  Under our terms and conditions, the clients have the right to ask for revision and we have the duty to comply with the request.

So, how does an academic writer avoid requests for revisions?

Requests for revision can be avoided through proper communication with the client.  Here are some steps that can be done to manage risks of revisions

  1. Read the instructions carefully. One of the many causes of revision is that the writers tend to overlook client’s instructions. Upon accepting a project, make sure that you have thoroughly read the client’s instructions.
  2. Ask questions from the client. If any part of the client’s instructions is vague, it’s a good practice to send questions to the client to clarify the instructions. Most the clients are ESL students so asking questions can help clarify vague instructions.
  3. Ask Sample Paper from the Client. Most of the time, the clients have a sample paper. Before they place an order, some clients may have sample papers that you can use as a guide.  If the paper is divided into several topics, it’s a good practice to ask the client to send the sample paper so you have a guide to work on.

Revisions are part of the game.  As part of our customer service, these revision requests must be complied.  However, these requests can be avoided through careful and meticulous reading of the instructions and asking the clients the questions you need for clarification.