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Myths about Freelance Writing Jobs

Just like other jobs from various industries, the writing job has its share of myths that flourished outside the writing industry.  In mythology, myths amuse many readers and showcase the omnipresent powers of mythological Gods, but in freelance writing jobs, myths mislead novice writers about the actual nature of freelance jobs. To help you start and succeed, let us discuss the myths about freelance writing jobs.

Freelance writing is a quick to rich scheme

Freelance or work at home writing jobs brings income without the need of daily commuting and pressing your hand against biometric scanner to report “yes I am present.” While freelance writing can replace a 8 or 12-hour job and enables you to earn money to cover up daily expenses, freelancing is far from a quick shortcut to the sudden ticket to millionaires’ club. To succeed, you will need networking, accepting failures, building your brand or reputation and writing numerous contents before you arrive at the time when you get the first ergonomic home office and wear shorts as your new office attire.

From myth to action: Start blogs, content websites and article writing. Wrap your mind around the fact that freelance writing needs hard work, dedication, and seriousness. Forget the idea that freelance writing is quick to a rich scheme. Once you get momentum, you’ll find a job that can replace your full-time job.

I need a degree from XYZ university

Many schools offer journalism, English and technical writing degrees which are indeed helpful to start your writing career. Degrees may come with certificate and training, but they are not an absolute need for a determined writer. You can be a plumber, cook, carpenter, painter or graphic designer but if you revel a writing career, then go for it. Your various background, indeed, can compliment your writing career.  Writing is a very flexible and transferable skill that straddles across disciplines and industries such as science, engineering, food and beverage, biology and anything you can think of.

From myth to action:  Train by practice writing, enroll in online study courses and schools offering university but accept the fact that to be a writer, you don’t need a degree from a university.

There is not enough money or career in writing job

This myth is far from the truth since the writing has always been a thriving job since men invented languages. As of now in an information age, the internet needed more content writers to fill up blank web pages, populate WordPress posts, write blogs, research articles and make social media ads – which all create more jobs for writers. Companies need technical writers to make manuals for products and services. As more people use the internet and content, the demand for writing jobs increases. In fact, today and the future will bring more opportunities for freelance writers.

From myth to action:  Indeed, there is no quick way or easy in freelance writing but it does not mean that the job has the low market. In fact, writing jobs are becoming in demand. If you are new to freelance writing and want to leave your regular job, ensure to hone your writing skills and find clients. Soon after you got a momentum on client requests, you’ll be in demand.

I got an average writing skill, so I’m not fit for a writing job

You don’t need to imitate Shakespeare, write like J.R.R Tolkien and publish magazines since your audience is also average readers yearning for clear content. You don’t need fancy words to express your ideas, but you need to write clear sentences appropriate for the right audience. The point is everyone starts as an average writer and that the majority of the audience is an average. Ensure to weed out grammar and factual errors since they can seriously hurt your search for the freelance writing job.

From myth to action:  Writers are not born, they are made. Grab a paper or laptop computer and start writing.  Your confidence will soar as soon as you start believing in yourself, accept failures and continuously write.

I won’t be a freelance writer because I’m not a native speaker or writer

Being a native English speaker does not equate to an excellent writer. In fact, many writers are not only from the UK, USA, and other native English speaking countries. Many English authors came from various countries whose mother tongue is not English. Famous non-native English writers include Joseph Konrad, a Polish immigrant to Britain, Vladimir Nabokov of Russia, Sanjay Sonawani from India, Wole Soyinka of Nigeria and Daniel Scocco of Brazil. Every writer excels in their craft not by being born as a native English speaker. They become wordsmith by dedication, hard work and sheer desire to succeed.

From myth to action: Build a professional portfolio with web hosting subscription, join a freelance site, send emails to online jobs, post services ads, click a writing gig and send your article samples.

I don’t need a niche since “I am an all knowing” writer

You can write for many interesting niches, but it’s the specialized writing that attracts clients more than a generalist writing or blog. In analogy, specialists excel in their trade since they focus their skills and time on that business.  The saying “Jack of all trades master of none” may be false but a saying “jack of all trades master of some” is true. Expand your niches by learning others that are related to your primary interest.  Also searching for a niche does not mean you have to settle down only for one. Building a niche blog means making specialized blogs. On the other hand, if your interests are diverse, you can make specific blogs or websites for each unrelated niches. For instance, one separate website for pets and one for real estate. In this way, you don’t confuse your clients and appear as master of none generalist.

From myth to action: Identify your interests and niches, build on that interests, consider your desired niches as both your hobby and business activity and specialize in your chosen niches. Got various interest? Make separate sites for them.

We can delight on myths as stories or legends but not as facts to believe in the real world. In freelance writing, myths can lower confidence, impose self-limit, and curb our writing powers. To refine our writing skills and find writing gold mines, we need to debunk these myths to act, move forward, start writing, discover our hidden potentials and avoid repeating mistakes.