Tips to Minimize Revision of Finished Essays

For freelance writers efficiency is a key to getting big bucks.  Efficiency means taking orders that are relatively easy which the writer can finish in a relatively short time.  It also means taking on rush papers which have relatively higher rates.

Efficiency also means making sure that risks of revisions are minimized.  In freelance essay writing, revisions are part of the trade.  It is one that cannot be avoided.  In fact, it is a risk that freelance essay writers must embrace.

Considering that the writers’ earnings depend on his ability to dispose of his projects as quickly as possible, it is essential that they take the necessary steps to minimize revisions.  Here are some tips in order to reduce the possibility that the client will return our papers and ask for major or minor revisions.

Always Check the Topic

In the order form sent to the writer, the client is given the chance to write down his chosen TOPIC.  It is found right below the ORDER NUMBER.  Checking this part of the order form is essential because in most cases the client simply pastes the professor’s general instructions in the instruction box.  The TOPIC will inform the writer of the particular subject matter of his essay.

For example, the instruction box may say something like “Write an essay about a controversial topic.” In the TOPIC, the client may write capital punishment or same sex marriages.  This shows that the client wants the writer to focus his essay on the controversial topic of capital punishment or same sex marriages.

Always Communicate with the Client

In some cases, the client will not mention any specific topic and will seemingly allow the writer to choose any controversial topic.

In my experience, the writer and the client may not have the same opinion on what they consider as a controversial topic.  In this regard, the best practice is always to ask the client for specific topics.  The writer may also send 2 or 3 topics for the client to choose from.

This way, the choice of topics is clear.  At the same time, the writer avoids any miscommunication between him and the client.

Always Check the Number of Sources

The number of sources indicates how many book or online sources the client wants us to use.  Some clients want us to use just 1 or 2 outside sources.  Always follow the client’s requirement on the number of sources.

If the clients indicate that we use just 1 source, we should refrain from using more than 5 sources.  In the same manner, if the clients indicate that we use 5 sources, we should refrain from using just 1 source.

Always Use the Sources the Clients Send to Us

In many cases, the clients may send us some their sources.  These sources could be in pdf files or in MS word. Some may take pictures of the required readings.

If the clients take an effort to send us these sources, the logical thing is that they want us to use these sources as reference for this paper. Thus, we must make sure that these sources are cited throughout the paper.

These are just some points to help writers minimize risks of revisions.   Communication is the best defense against revision.  If the writer finds that any part of the instruction is vague, it is suggested that he should send questions to the client so that the client’s requirements may be clarified and the expectations are made clear.