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What Admissions Officers Look For in a Statement of Purpose Essay

We have already emphasized the importance of writing your statement of purpose essays in your application process.  Though it may not take the place of a good SAT score or academic performance, a good statement of essay can still help you get to the college or university that you want even if you have a below  average SAT score or average in your scholastic records. Now you know that preparing a good statement of purpose essay is a good idea. But how do you write a good statement of purpose essay? What do the Admission Officers look for in a statement of purpose essay? 
  1. Admission officers like to see the student’s writing style, the manner he organizes and presents his ideas in written form.  We suggest that you first prepare an outline of the things you are going to say in your personal statement essay or statement of purpose essay.  This outline will serve as your blueprint as you prepare to write your essay. 
  1. Admission officers like to evaluate the student’s use of language.  However, students should not try to incorporate complex words and sentences which the students do not normally use just to impress the admissions officers.  Simple words and sentences are good so long as the idea is effectively conveyed. 
  1. Admission officers are looking for dramatic or traumatic experiences in the life of students or any event in their life that made an impact on them.  They want to get to know who you are as a person.  If you have failures in the past do not be afraid to reveal it to the admissions officers.  Be open and honest to them.  What is important is that you emphasize the things that you have learned from that experience. 
  1. Admission officers are not interested to see what you have already provided in your resume.  Avoid repeating the information you have already provided in your applications forms and resume.  The admissions officers have seen them and they are not interested to read about them again.  Mention new information that you have not mentioned. What are you interests and hobbies?  Do you collect weird stuff? Share it to the admissions officers.  Make them laugh.  Some personal statement essay coaches will agree that it is always better to incorporate humor in your essay. 
  1. Admission officers like to read personal statement essays or statement of purpose essays that come from the heart.  Give them a peak into your daily life.  Your plans and your goals in the short term and the long term.  Do you feel you can contribute to the college or university? Tell them how.  You do not have to be a very influential figure in campus to be able to help. 
  1. Admission officers do not have time to read lengthy essays.  They do not have all day to read your essay. If you have a story to tell go straight to the point. Avoid long introductions. 
  1. Admission officers are looking for something that will distinguish you from other students.  Do not just say that you plan to give back to the community or that you plan to be help the planet.  Everybody else is already saying that. Give them something that will distinguish you from the rest of the pack. 
  1. Admission officers like to see maturity in the tone of your essay.  Going to college is a big step in the life of the student since it entails a lot of responsibilities. They want to make sure that you understand what you are getting into and that you have made a commitment to go to college.  Try to read the school’s prospectus or catalogue to find out more about the school. Interview the alumni or the other students who have been there.  This will give you an idea on what they are looking for in the students.