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What is Plagiarism

The issue of plagiarism is considered one of the biggest mistakes for any academic writer. The process involves copying information from a source without proper citation or referencing (Yale College Writing Center, 2015).  Based on this definition, plagiarism is committed when a writer directly copies from a source without quoting and citing the source.  It may also be committed when a student paraphrases a sentence or paragraph taken from a source without citing it.

This is a big issue for our clients because it is considered a form of cheating and academic dishonesty. Likewise, the repercussions are clearly severe and can potentially cause numerous problems including suspension or dismissal of the student from college/university.  For a writer who is caught violating the policy against plagiarism, he may be asked to revise and submit an entirely new paper.  When the student is caught and punished, his entire remuneration for the month may be put on hold pending the settlement of the issue with the client.  The writer also faces the possibility being excluded from the list pool of writers.

Taking into account the gravity of the possible consequences for a student who is caught for plagiarism, our roles as academic writers are to maintain work that is both of quality and plagiarism-free.

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