Top 5 Best Places to Write Essays

Are you wondering why you cannot find the right words to write despite your good research materials? Are you in a state of disorganized thoughts when no right words and phrases seem to come out?   Maybe you are having some sort of writer’s block.  Writer’s block is a condition where a writer is unable to write new ideas due to some difficulties in organizing his thoughts and expressing the same in writing.  Although this has been a recognized term for inability to write, the truth is that there is no such thing as writer’s block. This is a superficial condition due to some factors that may affect the writer’s mood to write.

One of this is the environment setting.  The place where you try to write affects your concentration as you need an environment that is conducive for writing. Just like any other mind activities, writing should be done in a place where your creative side will be fully stimulated and inspired. Even if you have finished extensive research, you will not be able to create a well written article when your mind is distracted. You have to look for a place where your imagination and creativity can be at their best.

The Library

Normally, the library is the best place to write your essay.  You can find all the possible references that will give you sufficient information in order to complete your article.   The library is a place where silence is maintained at all times, which therefore creates a serene environment for writers like you.

Your Home

But the library is not the only place where you can write your paper. You can write a well written article even at your own home. Inside your house you can find two best places to compose an essay. The first one is in your own bedroom which is certainly your own self sanctuary.   Some of the best writers used and continue to use their bedroom to write their bestselling novels. The bedroom is a famous place to write for writers because of its cozy and relaxing atmosphere. It is certainly a writer’s refuge where you  can think of unlimited, creative and brilliant ideas.

The Garden

Another part of the house where you can set up your working table is in the garden, especially in the morning.  The smell of blooming flowers and the sound of chirping birds invite a pleasant and positive energy that can keep you on a writing mood, not to mention the gentle touch of the morning breeze and the vibrant morning sunshine.

The Park

However, a monotonous environment is not also conducive for writing.  Sometimes, writers need to change their environment to revive their creative side.  In case you get bored with your present environment and you can no longer think of any ideas to write, the park is the next best place to write.  Tall trees and grasses create a relaxing ambience needed to keep away writer’s block.  Ideas will come out spontaneously when you are focused and in a friendly and interesting place.

Coffee Shop

Lastly, the coffee shop is one of the best places to write if you are not in the mood for a secluded environment but still has  the warmth and homely atmosphere that will help you think of new ideas.

A place to write is certainly a crucial factor in producing a well written article. A writer, just like a painter, a musician or a composer, needs to be inspired. The place to write is important because it is from that place where the writer initially draws his inspiration to write.   Despite having all the research materials, a writer can only make a well written and inspiring article when he is not distracted by his environment.


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