Handling Payment Issues with your Provider

Working as a freelance writer has its perks and also disadvantages. One of these is the risk associated with payment issues. Having been in this profession for more than ten years, I can attest that the initial reaction can be intimidating and stressful. Finding out that the money you worked hard for will be held, postponed, or worst not paid can create anger and bitterness. Given that these can happen to anyone who engages in freelance writing, here are some useful tips that can help you go through this difficult process.

Familiarize with the Provider’s Rules

One of the most important information you need to know as a freelance writer are your provider’s rules. Learn the basic expectations that you need to fulfill as a contributor for the company. Also, it is essential to know violations that can make your work unacceptable. In my case, the company stressed that it does not tolerate plagiarism and disregard to client instructions. Failure to fulfill these standards can result to holding of salary to account termination. Be sure to fully understand these points before writing. It can help limit the occurrences of payment issues.

Determine measures to argue case

Even if your provider has their corresponding rules on how to penalize freelance writers, there will always be situations that it is beyond your control or due to complications with order requirements. That is why it is important to determine appropriate measures that can help you argue your case. Most of the time, many online providers have specific ways to dispute problems or penalties. I highly recommend that you learn to do this so you know how to approach the issue when it happens. One way or another, you need to address these issues and can be successful if you are able argue your points properly.

Maintain open communication

Another essential tip is to maintain open communication with your provider. This means being ready to present additional information and continuously following up on requests during the investigation of a problem. In my experience working for online providers, I think it is good to have screenshots of message and communications so you can use this as evidence in asserting your case. Also, try to be patient and seek out ways that can help expedite the resolution. I know it can be stressful and difficult especially if you have your hard earned money on the line. However, please also consider that the problem cannot be resolved without communicating with your provider in a professional manner.

Learn from the Experience

The last advice I would give focuses on learning from your experience. Having payment issues can be a daunting and stressful event. That is why it is crucial that each one try to identify ways that can prevent from the issue happening again. Such approach also includes recognizing that we also are at fault as to why the situation happened. By learning to accept our mistakes and also finding ways to protect ourselves in the future, we can become responsible writers who know when to assert our case and also accept situations where we are accountable for the development of the problem.


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