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Knowing When and How to Get Paid as a Freelance Writer

One of the most fulfilling parts of freelance writing is getting paid for the effort you have made in a specific task or project. This serves as motivation to work harder, provide clients with quality work, and get value for time spent. Payment issues can also be seen as sensitive topics that require communication and constant attention. Here are some important aspects to consider in dealing with payment for writing services offered.

Familiarize with Payment Rules

I know it is exciting to start immediately with writing projects and earning money in the process. However, I would urge people who are just starting their freelancing careers to take time to read the company’s policy on payment. This involves trying to understand how providers deal with lead time, processing, and merchants. Depending on the provider, you can expect to be paid by end of the month while others writing providers have a delay of one to two weeks. Having written for numerous providers through the years, identifying these payment standards helps me budget my expenses and also properly allocate resources.

Identify Cut-off Periods

Another payment related issue that you should be aware of is cut-off periods. Most online writing providers have these rules wherein they provide specific time frame where writers will be paid. For example, if you work for July 1st to July 15th, that payment shall be credited to your account by the 1st week of August. While this may not apply to every writing project, it is your responsibility as a freelance writer to identify if the company has these terms. Having this knowledge can help you plan and determine how you would handle payment issues in the future.

Payment Minimum

Freelance writers need to read up whether their chosen provider also has minimum amount for money to be transferred. For example, you might need to work a number of projects first before you can ask for payment. Others have a minimum amount for your payment to be processed. While there might be a trust issue in these situations, it is important that you are aware of these before filing formal disputes or complaints.

Other Costs

Additional costs can also be an important area to look into for freelance writers. It involves the small cost in order to process payments from the provider to your preferred merchant. Please note that your provider can charge you a minimal fee for sending money to your PayPal or Skrill account. The same also applies when you use online merchants to transfer your money to your bank account.

Overall, it is important for freelance writers to be aware and knowledgeable on issues related to payments. This is a way to understand the requirements that can help you earn money and also protect yourself against irregularities. It is important to be cautious about these areas because it can help you become proactive and fully take advantage of the earning potential that freelance writing has to offer.


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