Setting up Your Account As New Freelance Writer

After choosing the qualified provider to pursue your freelance writing tasks, the next step is to send you application to the provider and comply with its requirements.  Some companies  require that you write an essay online while some require that you send a sample essay.  Either way, you have to comply with their requirements.  After a few days, you will get an email notification whether you have been accepted or not.  Once accepted, you can start setting up your account and payment information. These are essential actions that can get you writing and earning money. Depending on the source of writing tasks, your role is to determine requirements and conditions that can help expedite account generation.  Here are some suggestions that you should use to make the application and approval process easier.

Account Requirements

Freelance writers who seek to engage with their chosen provider need to identify the necessary account requirements to start.  These conditions depend on the source where you want to write.

If you have chosen to work with a provider that has an offline presence, it is important to communicate deliverables and expectations to the supervisor. On the other hand, online providers have their own conditions depending on the position you are applying for. Prior to signing up, you need to have these data to make the application easier. The most commonly requested information is valid email address, sample work/portfolio, and payment details.

Payment Information

Another important area to look into in helping create a freelance account with ease is payment information. This is where the provider will pay for the writing services offered. Again, the data that you provide is dependent on the requirements of your chosen position.

For offline providers, your bank account can be sufficient while online providers might require you to sign up or create online accounts with merchants such as PayPal or Skrill. Before trying to create an account, you must make sure what payment gateways are covered by the company. In addition, other writing companies also allow bank transfers when you reach a specific amount.

Resolving Payment Requirements

After choosing the appropriate online merchant that complements your needs, the next step is to sign up. Companies such as PayPal require the following information: valid email address, home address, contact numbers, credit card/debit card number, and bank account information. If you encounter issues, there are different resources available on the Internet that you can use to resolve these problems. Also, you can access these payment merchants’ help or support desk and direct your concerns to them.

Properly setting your accounts early can make the signup process easier. After doing all these preliminaries, make sure you secure your logon credentials as well as passwords. Most of these are usually sent to the email address you signed up with. Also, be sure to check the processing period for your freelance writing accounts.

Feel free to also talk to their support representatives to follow-up your applications. Their feedback can be helpful in identifying whether you are accepted or not. Lastly, check your email for updates including, account activation and other important news.

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