Why did I get a revision?

Revision requests are considered one of the realities experienced by freelance academic writers. It involves the client asking for modifications or changes in the paper because they felt it did not satisfy their requirements. For some people, getting revisions might be troublesome and at times complicated. However, this does not mean that the client’s requests are invalid. Using my more than five year experience writing, here are some reasons for getting revisions in your paper.

Requirements mismatch

One of the most common reasons why academic writers get revisions for their work is due to requirements mismatch. This means that you have committed minor or major mistakes based on the instructions provided. Depending on the conditions, the client can do it himself/herself. However, it is their prerogative to request for changes especially if parts of the instruction were not followed. In certain situations wherein the client added instructions or requested changes that are not included in the original scope of the paper, you should try to communicate with your provider to clarify and address the issue appropriately. Learn how to determine whether the revision provided is valid or not.

Comments and feedbacks

Writers can also get revision requests due to comments and feedbacks. This is especially evident in papers that require heavy research and data analysis. The information included are the requested modification and changes to make the paper effective and presentable. Based on these changes, it is essential that you thoroughly understand the request and always base on the initial instruction. If you feel that the comments for revision are not valid, feel free to communicate with your provider and raise the issue proactively.

Plagiarism or lack of proper citation

Another reason for getting a revision is due to issues related to plagiarism or lack of proper citation. This problem reflects a writer’s inability to integrate in-text citation or provide the appropriate referencing standard requested. Since plagiarism is a big issue in academic writing, it is important that this matter be taken seriously. As a freelance academic writer, it is your responsibility to ensure that the output you provide client is not copied from another source without proper recognition of the resource material.

Low Quality

The last reason why academic writers receive revisions is due to low quality of work. By definition, low quality can refer to a writer’s inability to fulfill client instructions and requirements. Though this can be a gray area as opinions and perceptions can influence the paper’s outcome, it is your role as a writer to argue on these claims. If there are mistakes from your end, then try to make these modifications to meet their needs.

Overall, I have tried to show you that receiving revisions from clients is a normal occurrence in academic writing. The reasons above are some examples as to why you can get such requests. In the event that this occurs, make the effort to review the revision and determine the next step of whether you will make the changes or argue that it is beyond the scope of instructions.

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